LED Car Door Opening Warning Light

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Size: 2 pcs


Accident Avoidance

When you open your car door, the red light flashes in a strobe pattern, acting as a warning signal to prevent accidental collisions. This feature enhances safety for both you and approaching vehicles.

Rainy Day Adaptation

Designed to address rainy weather conditions, the door light boasts waterproof capabilities. Its penetrating light ensures improved visibility during low-visibility weather, further enhancing driving safety.

Ground Illumination

The bottom of the car light emits white light that projects onto the ground. This illumination offers clear visibility when stepping out of the car, preventing unintentional contact with water or debris.


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Arrived!! It looks and feels super thin, I need to try it since the type of connector is difficult for me. I will be testing it the following days


I'm fine now just placing it as it is but the truth very satisfied with my purchase


Good looks and it works now paste on the car Fast delivery beautiful product Thanks seller